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Your personal information on the Internet is very important to us. We are committed to protecting the privacy of personal information to feel secure and enjoy online games at always adheres to our responsibility and your rights under the data protection laws.

The following is an explanation of the privacy policy for the information we require you to provide:

  • Introduce
  • What is the required information and for what purpose?
  • Security
  • Use and Store your personal information
  • Data security
  • Security restrictions
  • Who receives your information?
  • Monitoring
  • Access your personal information and your rights
  • Advertising and refusal
  • Agree to the Privacy Policy
  • Comments and Questions


This website is operated by Ongame888. Consumer privacy, also known as customer privacy, is an important part of our business strategy. We would like to provide you with the safest and the most entertaining platform. We require you to read our Privacy Policy ("Policy") carefully to know how we use your personal information.

In order to provide you with a complete service, we sometimes need to ask you to provide personal information. This policy includes the use of your personal information during your’s  services.

You are required to submit personal information at any time (eg, name, home address, email address, phone number, date of birth or transaction information) . Upon receiving your personal information, we will store it in accordance with the law and our standards

We may also monitor your use of this Site by checking the number of times you access the site, the pages you visit, and the domain of the Internet service you use. This information helps us build customer profiles. Data will be aggregated into statistics , which means that we cannot identify specific individual.


During registering for an account at, we require personal information such as your name, home address, email, password and age your confirmation of 18 year- olds or above. We use your personal information to confirm the transaction, send newsletter for further customer services. In case that you do not want to receive our newsletter, you can click ‘’unsubscribe’’ to stop receiving further newsletter. In addition, the authenticate account information is important because this information helps to confirm the transaction and other services.

Customers can change account information by clicking on the Account button in the download software.

SECURITY is committed to protect personal information, and not disclose this information.

All staff must comply with the terms of the privacy policy even the staff no longer works for ongame888.  

User also needs to keep your information confidential. Importantly, password to access account is confidential , and please do not provide this information to  anyone. 


Ongame888 is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy policy. We have to collect information in a transparent manner, explain how to use this information, and inform users in case that we transfer this information to a third party.

The data protection law requires us to specify the legal frameworks for handling your personal information. First, we need to process the information to make agreements  during your web visits. This process is necessary for the cooperation between user and us. Legal agreement is based on our mutual consent. Other reasons include legal responsibility or regulation to process your personal information  or legitimate interests.

We use your information for the following aims:

  • Your identity and registered account
  • Service management
  • Statistical analysis
  • Marketing - see the "Marketing and Denial" section below
  • Prevention from counterfeiting documents
  • Notify changes at the Site and change the Services to user.
  • Secure your account
  • Service upgrade
  • Comply with legal and / or regulatory obligations

In the following cases, we guarantee to inform about using your personal information. You also have the right whether to disapprove the following uses or not:

We may contact you under the following cases:

  • Related to the functions of the service you register..
  • User wants to receive further information
  • Ask you to answer survey research (optional)
  • For advertising purposes with your consent (see below)

Your information is kept confidential except the cases where disclosure is required or permitted by law (for example, government agencies, law enforcement agencies or as described below, when there is a violation, or inappropriate content at the Web) or described below, regarding our partners. Usually, we only use your information within Nevertheless,  we sometimes may require a third party to process this information (for example, a home provider or maintenance service, a credit and safety check agent). We may use third parties to conduct your inspections of risky devices with the aim of protect for you. The search includes the install of cookies or a file in your device to collect and process technical information on this device. A third party is required to strictly adhere to our instructions and not use your personal information for any business aims.

We may also share your personal information with our partners for advertising, as described below.

If we suspect that you violate the Isle of Man's regulations, we may use your personal information to notify the relevant third party as your legal authority  about your content and behavior.

Your information is stored on our system as long as you still use the Service, and cancel the information when the usage is completed, or when you do not want to continue as a Ongame888 member, subject to the law of Information security and correction requirements. However, we may save the exchange content (including main content, member name, date and time)  from the use of Web for 12 months for safety reasons. In case that unregistered personal information participated in services (for example, contests), this information is also kept for our operation .

We promise that all information will be kept confidential in accordance with the relevant data privacy laws.

The Isle of Man is not part of the European Union, but the European Commission has confirmed that the Isle of Man has the right level of data protection to guarantee  safe personal data transfer


We use techniques to protect your information, for example:

  • Access to the account is controlled by password and username.
  • Your personal information is stored on secured servers.

We have to to protect your information. However, Internet usage is not strictly confidential, so we cannot guarantee the security or information integrity of the information transferred to . You accept the risk of providing information and using our online services through the Internet; and we will not be responsible for any breach of security unless we do not guarantee appropriate technical measures in term of required by data protection laws.


Under current security, regulations and laws, is required to disclose Customer identification information in some circumstance. tries its best to limit the disclosure of information in the following cases:

  • When believes that disclosure is necessary to serve the court, provide information by court order or other legal processes; or
  • When it is necessary to identify, contact or take legal obligations against individuals or organizations to protect and / or enforce the rights of

Furthermore, we are authorized, and authorized by users, to disclose personal information, name, street name, city, postal code, country, phone number, email and company name to the party. The third is's agent if it is necessary to investigate counterfeiting of documents, infringe intellectual property rights, infringe copyright or any other illegal activity or activities


In addition to the right to disclose information in the circumstances  to the parties as mentioned above, we may provide your information as a member of to our employees, or companies affiliated with, as well as a service provider for us (including the department of  safety, credit, risk reduction and other relevant departments). These intermediaries are enable to check and store detailed information in the database system we provided (general or private information).

We also provide information about you to service intermediaries. You need to agree on the process that we provide, use and store the personal information that you provide to us or to an intermediary service provider. This information is stored by us or an intermediary. We are allowed to suspend or lock your member account at any time according to cheating or questionable personal information provided by you or the intermediary.


Contact information for user is monitored and saved (eg phone calls or chats and emails) for the purpose of ensuring service quality, preventing and counterfeiting papers.

We also monitor your deposit and betting activities according to responsible gaming and social regulations.


You are enable to request a copy of the personal information from us and update your information. 

  • Write down your request (send an email with the subject "Update Personal Information"); and
  • Attached identification information (account number, username, registration information); and
  • Specify false information ; or
  • Contact Customer Care 

You are enable to ask us to stop using your personal information for newsletter or promotional purposes:

  • Write down your request (just send an email with the subject "Cancel Receiving Newsletter"); and
  • Attach identification information (account number, username, registration information).

Please specify which channel you do not want to receive promotion. 

You are enable to ask us to delete your personal information (depending on case by case): 

  • Write down your request (just send an email with the subject "Cancel Receiving Newsletter"); and
  • Attach identification information (account number, username, registration information).


If you decide to receive marketing information from us, your personal information is shared with partners. Unless you request a waiver, we can contact you about products, services, promotions ... via mail, phone, message, fax, email or other means of communication.

If you do not wish to receive additional promotional information, you may stop at any time. See the section "Accessing Your Personal Information and Your Rights" above.

Please note that the request to stop receiving promotional messages takes about 2 working days to become effective. 

To stop receiving promotional emails via email, please:

  • Contact Customer Care
  • Update options in your account profile under "My Account" - "Account Settings".


Opening an account at means that you accept the terms of this Policy. Policies  are sometimes updated, so you need to follow up regularly. When there is a change, we will announce it on this page. Your continuing usage of Ongame888’s Web and services mean acceptance of the new terms. In case that you do not agree with the changes, you should stop using the Web or services. If there is any contradiction between these terms and the specific terms at other pages, the latest terms will be applied


If you have any questions about the handling of your personal information, you may send a complaint to us at any time. We are committed to respecting the rights of our customers and would like to have the opportunity to solve out your disagreement.

Last updated on May 25, 2019

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